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Hello Internet, 

My apologies for being so bad at keeping this page up to date.. IT WILL GET BETTER.
I should have more time on my hands coming up, because I very recently quit my day job to focus on music. 
The next few months should be very busy with gigs in Alberta (check out the SHOWS page), and a tour of BC planned for January with my good friend Braden Gates. 
Keep your eyes open for some gig announcements in the coming weeks, and your ears open for a sneak peek at some brand new material. 



Winnipeg Folk Fest/Back to Reality 

Hey Everybody, 

I'm writing you from Moosimin on the way back from a great week at Winnipeg Folk Fest. We had a great week seeing some of our favourite artists and making new favourites. IF you were trying to get a hold of me in the last week, I probably haven't replied because my phone was dead, or there was no service at our campsite, or even more likely, both. I'll be getting caught up starting tomorrow when we arrive back home in Edmonton. 

Speaking of Edmonton, I expect to see all of you folks at the lovely Empress Alehouse this Saturday, July 18 to catch some music from myself and Torontonian Danielle Knibbe. Show starts at 4. 

See you soon, 


Duncan Showroom - May 18 

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend Monday today, I'll be in Duncan tonight at Longevity John's Duncan Showrooom. 
Evern if you're not in the Duncan area, you can check out the show. It will be streaming live here : 

I'd absolutely recommend you check out the stream, it's the best live stream I've heard, no lag, no compromising audio quality. It's almost like being there. 


Char's Landing - May 16 

After driving all day yesterday, and waiting 4 more hours to catch the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo, I've arrived in Port Alberni. Tonight I play at Char's Landing at 8 o clock, I'd love to see some friendly faces there.  

At at the end of my first week of this short little tour, I'm reminded how much I enjoy travelling alone. It's been a  welcome break from my day-job back  in Edmonton. Yesterday's drive through the Fraser Valley was quite beautiful. It's a part of the Country that I had never driven through before. I spent most of the drive sitting in silence and watching the heavily treed mountains fly past me, every once in a while I would get a patch of clear radio reception. Once, long enough to listen in on an episode of The Vinyl Cafe. 

BC has been treating me very well , and is making me excited for a full summer of gigging. 

See er you soon 


Salmon Arm - May 14  

Thanks to everybody who came out to Alpine Grind last night and made it such a great evening. 
Tonight I'll be at Wicked Spoon Cafe and Grill in Salmon Arm. Music @ 7


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    #bargainbooks #knowledgeispower #prariepoetry #gonzo
  • RIP #allaboutthembrakes #deadcar #trappedinthecochrane #bargainfinder #lookinfosumcheapwheelz
    RIP #allaboutthembrakes #deadcar #trappedinthecochrane #bargainfinder #lookinfosumcheapwheelz
  • New strings for tonight's show at The Mercury Room with @alynnetrue and @northofheremusic #yegmusic if you're not at the @folkawards showcases, this is where you need to be.
    New strings for tonight's show at The Mercury Room with @alynnetrue and @northofheremusic #yegmusic if you're not at the @folkawards showcases, this is where you need to be.
  • Buddy Gates #printittome #goldengatesbridge #gatesofmordor #pearlygates
    Buddy Gates #printittome #goldengatesbridge #gatesofmordor #pearlygates